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RLD Token Specs

ERC20 Token

We have switched from a Pivx fork to an ERC20 Token for enhanced performance and better utilization

Available Supply

0 RLDEarn rewards by providing liquidity in one of the liquidity pools. Our official pool is on uniswap


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Planning Ahead

The roadmap is an ever evolving map, while we set our goals to be acheivable we also realize that their can be unexpected delays. Instead of the traditional
"we will get this done by a certain date"
we have elected to list our roadmap in phases, you can see the active and completed phases. Join us in our journey as we continue to move forward.

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Reload Team

The Reload Core Team is composed of community members who believed in the ideology of the prior un-executed project, and decided that those ideas and more will live on through Reload. 

Project Manager
Community Manager
Mikey Valentine
Tech Support

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